Friday, March 16, 2012

My, how times have changed.

As times passes and Chloe grows big and strong, I have come to realize things about myself and my new life that CRACK ME UP. The differences between life now and then are absolutely absurd. Do not fret, I have not lost my stupid, five-year old sense of humor. I have merely gained a mommy humor. For example...

what i used to think was funny...

what i now think is funny...
(isn't that just hilarious? she eats her hand and lifts her dress! hilarious)

what i used to do with my spare time...

what i now do in my spare time...
(who doesn't dress their child up in jewelry and take pointless pictures when they get home from work?)

what i used to think was peaceful...

what i now know is peaceful...

the ones that i used to photograph constantly...(sorry, fur babies)...

the one that now can't go a day without a picture taken...

also, back in the day of zeta tau alpha, we used to play a game called "i never"... well, i'd like to amend that game just a bit completely. if you've played the game, god bless you. if you haven't, you're probably a better person than I am.

1. i never think its a good day if, on the first try, i pick out a shirt to wear that doesnt have spit up on it.

2. i never talk baby talk to adults on accident.

3. i never get insanely excited about chloe having a bowel movement. (i also never fist pump when its a really good one after not going for two days.)

4. i never sing random songs in baby voice and make up words to rhyme with 'chloe'. what?????? bedoe, manohoe, and funohoe aren't words? i think you're wrong.

5. i never pass up anthro, ann taylor and nordstrom to head straight to baby gap.

6. i never get excited when i get to sleep until 7 am.

7. i never turn down my favorite song to hear the little neon lion hanging from her car seat play a stupid tune that i have now memorized.

8. i never plan my daughter's first birthday in march.

9. i have never been excited to get home early so i can organize diapers in the new container i bought.

you get the picture.. life has changed. and with any change, there are moments that seem more stressful than they have ever been. but with this particular chloe change, all i can do is say... Thank you, God.

peace, erin

*disclaimer: no alcohol was consumed during the creation of this "I never" list.*

Monday, March 5, 2012

It's amazing...

what you can do with all the free time you have without Facebook in your life. Now, I'm in NO WAY advocating for a Facebook-free life. Let's get that straight right now. But, I have noticed several things about this new life.

1. It goes on. I'm still alive. I have survived without Facebook for almost two weeks now. It's rough at times, I'm not gonna lie. Especially when I started getting "You have notifications waiting" emails. Ughhh. PAINFUL. Or the "you have 9 friends with birthdays this week" emails. I hope I haven't missed any birthdays of friends that would be angry. Sorry, angry friends!

2. I fill my time with things that aren't so, what's the word, embarassing. Chloe and I have been going on more walks, I baked (which also means I burned), the house is cleaner (i.e. time for toilet cleaning) and I'm watching Ellen more. How great is that? She's absolutely hilarious. On a side note, I've decided that I would love to be her neighbor.

3. After much contemplation, I've decided that even though it might be is an addiction I plan on returning to Facebook usage like gangbusters. It will be as if no time has past. Sad? Perhaps. Reality. Yep.

Now on to bigger and better things.. my sweet girl!

Time has been flying lately. She's getting so big it's ridiculous. And this last week we've had a lot of fun firsts! She continues to love almost everything and is still sleeping through the night. Praise little Baby Jesus.

This last weekend she experienced her first (of many) museum trip to see the Darwin exhibit at the Witte. She was an absolute angel while Andrew and I walked around and read for about two hours. Side note... awesome exhibit.

By the time this picture was taken, she was already done reading. Andrew is a bit slower.

Is it sunny, andrew? I can't tell.

She even got her picture taken with the triceratops. (Her request, obviously).

She also spent some time at Coco and Pops (my parents). Have I mentioned Coco is a baby hog? She is absolutely one of Chloe's favorites, but the woman is a baby hog. And its very self-proclaimed. Therefore, this picture of Pops & Chloe was taken during the 20 minutes Coco was gone from the room, showering. Everyone must get their baby time when she leaves the room because if not, you may never know Chloe. Pops was teaching Chloe how to play the piano and it is now one of my favorite pictures.

She also learned how to vacuum. I believe its never too early to put your children to work. In fact, she had just finished sweeping the back porch and cleaning the stove when I took this picture. As I type she's scrubbing the bath tub. She's such a help.

And please note the burp cloth hanging out of my sweet husband's pocket. How amazing/cute/wonderful is he?

She also experienced her first bout with allergies. BIG frowny face on that one. She has been a trooper, but she didn't feel good for about four days. She's still a little congested, but I'm more upset about it than she seems to be. However, she look way cuter sick than most people do healthy. And I'm not biased.

And lastly, she's discovered the mirror. Like mother, like daughter. If I pass a mirror, I have to look in it. Not because I think I look good, but only because I'm obsessed with them. I can never sit in a restaurant across from a mirror because I'll stare at myself and make funny faces rather than listen to whomever is sitting across from me. Vain? Probably.

But, Chloe LOVES her reflection and I do, too.

And one last parting shot of watching baby einstein with her bird friend.

the baby featured in the last picture did not watch the t.v. for longer than 5 minutes. the mother of said baby knows she's not supposed to put her 3 month old in front of the t.v. until she is two. however, said mother thinks its cute that the baby likes it.

Peace, Erin