Friday, June 17, 2011

Boobs, bathing suits and other girlie things..

You've been warned, this is a GIRLY kind of post.

I was going to abstain from sharing this information with you, but I've decided this is cheaper than therapy.

So last week, I decided I needed a new bra. (Sorry, to those who have heard this saga, but it continued today, and now I need to vent.) The old one just wasn't provided the ladies the boost they needed (after they decided to double) and I broke down and ventured off to Destination Maternity. I felt good about it, I'm at least showing a little and so this trip wouldn't be as embarrassing as the time I went in to inquire about yoga and they asked who was pregnant. Whew... thanks to my baby belly, I was acknowledged as part of the 'mommy group' this time around.

So, I walk in. I tell the lady my story and she directs me to the maternity/nursing bra area. Let me tell you, upon first glance... saying that i wasn't in Victoria's Secret anymore was an UNDERSTATMENT. These are for MILKING. and they make you feel like if you aren't milking something, you need to find something to milk ASAP.

So, the girl helps me into a dressing room and brings me a few bras which letters are far from A. (and we'll leave it at that...) I put them on thinking, there is NO WAY these will fit.. as in, THESE ARE HUGE. Well, folks, this is where the story gets sad. they didn't fit. not even close. they were too small. I mean, I assume you want your nipple covered, right? Mmmkay.

So the nice lady looks at me like she's witnessing something terrible and unfair and says, "we can order you one if you'd like." i quickly say, "wait, you don't have anything bigger? you're a maternity store." she says, "no, that's as big as we get, but i'll give you the number to a place that can help you. they have a bigger selection."

awesome. at least i have an option. i want to cry b/c im only 14 weeks at the moment. i suppose you're now thinking... oh yeah, bigger boobs...cry me a river. but listen... these aren't your victoria's secret wings version of boobs. for further description, please see above comment about MILKING. but, i disgress.

so i get dressed and she hands me a card. i look down and in big letters it says:


I started laughing only to see that I was the only one. mmmkay. i've reached a new low. she gives me directions and i head out the door. at first, i think.. nah, i'm not going there. i can find something pretty at nordstroms. but then i remember that i'm currently wearing a bra two sizes too small and makes it difficult to breathe. my car somehow turns towards the med center.

so, i pull into the methodist hopsital, which is where she told me the center was located. (weird, i know... i was doubtful of this as well.) i walk in and see a cute little candystripper waiting to help me at the front desk in the main lobby. i ask her where to be headed and she looks at me with a strange face. she leans across the desk to her friend (a good 15 feet away) and yells, "where is the lactation center? i can't remember that." the lobby turns to look.

AWESOME. thanks for that addition to my day.

some lady comes to 'take me there.' on the way, she looks at me and says, "so, you here for more milk?" WHAT?!?!? i don't look THAT pregnant, geez. i laughed and said no, i'm just here to buy a bra. she looks confused but drops me off in front of the NICU. i have no pass and apparently need a pass to get back there. i head to the window and assume this wild goose chase for a BRA will be ending soon.. without a bra.

i ask her where to buy maternity bras and she stares at me. then she offers this helpful advice, "ma'am, this is a hospital. maybe you should try the lactation center STORE. its down the street."

well super. super duper. thanks.

defeated, exhausted and completely humiliated- i head back the car, realizing i can't give up now. i head to the lactation center of san antonio S-T-O-R-E. who knew.

to make this story shorter, i get there. lady is helpful (after making me sign in with all the other mothers there for lactation counseling) and we find a bra - an extremely comfortable, but HIDEOUS bra. good news- if i dont get any bigger, i can also use this bra to nurse out of. see? there are perks and positives to every story :(

SOOOO... today. i decide to go swimsuit shopping with my mom. summer is here, it is hot and i'd like to get in a pool. is that so bad? back to destination maternity.

we walk in and my 'bra friend' is the one to wait on us. of course she is. and eventually, she remembers me. how, you ask? she said, 'oh yeah, you're the one complaining about your boobs.'


we take a few bathing suits to the dressing rooms. most looked like they came straight out of an 80's geriatric runway show. those two swimsuits made me laugh out loud. then i opened the curtain to show my mom and she laughed a little louder.

me - 0, swimsuit- 2

it's funny though, how your perspective on 'ugly' changes when nothing fits. my mom proceeds to bring in six more swimsuits and tries very hard to make a face to indicate that it looked good. neither of us lie very well.

we left. went to target, found two tankinis (god bless my soul) and called it a day. this morning i felt really good about my body, my weight gain and my health. flourescent lights took that away from me in about 4.2 seconds. and this is coming from a person who is actually happy with herself. its just A LOT of change at once. im embracing it and laughing.

and most importantly, im INSANELY happy to be pregnant with one cute little squirrel.

Friday, June 3, 2011

So, this is two posts in one week, and I realize I'm a blogger out of control. However, help is appreciated.

I've recently started looking *obsessing* over finding the best baby items that are reasonably priced. For all the moms out there, you realize this is somewhat of an oxymoron. Nothing is well-priced because its a sellers market and they know that. Even with all the various brands out there, cute things don't come cheap. From strollers, to cribs, to high chairs- I have gone through about a million reviews and reports (even subscribing to consumer reports). Yes, I realize I'm only 14 weeks. So, I'm a little excited. Sue me.

No, actually, please don't. We need the money for a crib.

So what I need is advice. Obviously, everyone has their 'favorite' things, but I'm interested in the opinions. I think I have a crib picked out and I think its really well-priced so I'm excited. While I'm at it, I'll share what ideas I have for the nursery. Then, maybe some of y'all can direct me to the right places for other things based on the style. We have decided not to register until we know the sex, but I'm too psychotic to wait until then to do the research.

Here's the potential crib:

taylor (my fabulous, artistic brother) is building baby squirrel a fabulous tree that looks similar to this one up the wall and over the crib... our tree will of course be bigger and better... Ha. Take that, tiffany amber thiessens' nursery.

hanging from the branches in a few places i plan on hanging these little guys (this is where needing to know if its a boy/girl thing will come in handy).

if its a girl...

if its a boy...

or at least, something of the sort. not sold on either of these, but i like the ideas. i think they are cute and for either sex, i'm doing a million bright, funky colors in the nursery- so this would work. i just love the anthropologie feel to these little dudes. i'll keep ya posted.

oh, and while i'm at it, if you are interested in purchasing this rug from anthropologie for me, i'd be thrilled. just tickled to pieces. i want it more than ice cream and its a tad (okay, a lot) more expensive than we'll ever be paying for a rug in a nursery. but geeeez, its fabulous.

oh! and also, the stroller situation. i think i've got it narrowed down to the uppababy vista. i went and played with it and loved the way it handled and the whole travel system idea. any of you have it and care to share your experiences with it, i'd appreciate it. :)

so what i need from y'all is help with high chairs, crib mattresses (which i didn't even THINK to think of until now), car seats, and unique bedding. i might just have to get it made. fabrics are fabulous and the stuff at babiesrus isn't cutting it for me.

whew.. alright. that's it for now. have a fabulous friday (yay for four day weeks!) and a great and relaxing weekend! (and send me those opinions!)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A growing belly full of squirrel!

So after several complaints that I wasn't posting fast enough, here is the second blog. Apparently I'm as popular as I thought I was and people actually care about what I have to say. (Just Kidding, of course!) I thought I'd post the first of three belly pics that show a little bitty squirrel in there :) I'm not gonna lie, my belly has grown much more these last two weeks, and as a result, these pics are the LAST of the sports bra pictures. Baby squirrel doesn't want to scare or intimidate anyone by his/her great size and mom doesn't want to gross anyone out. It's a win-win situation, really.

4 weeks (albeit, somewhat unnecessary, we were REALLY excited)

8 weeks (mostly a food baby at this point, let's be honest.) and contrary to popular belief, my butt is not pregnant, just along for the ride.

12 weeks (this is the squirrel's best 'beer belly look alike' impression...what do you think?)

so far i've found the weight gain issue, not so much of one. of course, i've only recently started my love affair with ice cream, so things will most likely change soon. but the fact that NOTHING sounded good to eat for the first few months, did positively contribute not making the 'big as a house' image a reality. although, we just started building this house and the frame is barely up. i realize the 'healthy 25-35 lbs. of weight gain' is normal, it just sounds like a lot. and quite frankly, hard to lose on the flip side. i walk every day and recently decided i should work on my arms. that's my new goal for now. so most likely, the next time you see me i'll look like the hulk.

also, as we speak my stomach is experiencing technical difficulties. every so often i get stabbed with baby squirrel knives from the inside (I'm taking this as a good thing that my body is growing.) it makes me laugh, though.

andrew and i will be sitting on the couch watching t.v. at night and i'll scream out like someone just stabbed me from behind. then i'll just go back to watching t.v. he looks at me like a freak and shakes his head. perhaps its a bit dramatic, but in the words of the great sammy davis, jr... i gotta be me.

oh, and perhaps i'll end today with a great little quote i read that spoke to me.

"tension is who you think you should be. relaxation is who you are."
~ chinese proverb.

this makes me smile and allows me to realize that i'm doing just fine right where i am.