Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well, well well... I've broken down and started a blog.

So, its finally happened. Well, several things, actually. 1. My eggo is preggo (FINALLY!) 2. I'm putting in some serious dedication to actually using/writing/maintaining a blog. I think it's in the preggo water, because I've never felt compelled before now. However, I'll tell you what, if this really works, it will be worth it because then everyone who cares can be updated all at once.

Long story (and I do mean LONG story) short, Andrew and I have been on a journey towards pregnancy for about a year now. In fact, a little over a year at this point. And that in itself makes this beautiful miracle of a pregnancy, much sweeter. After lots of energy, emotional stress and MOOOOLAH- we became pregnant in March thanks to IVF/ICSI. If you don't believe in miracles, just google what is entailed in a procedure like that one. Sparing long, drawn-out details... we were lucky enough to get pregnant on the first try. We are truly blessed and don't take one second of this crazy ride for granted. And for the record, there is an amazing bond that is experienced between fertility couples and others that truly GET what a process it is. I'll talk more about that later...

I suppose I should take this time to explain the rodent nickname (Squirrel). I wish the story was more interesting, but its actually the first word that came out of my mouth after the embryo transfer. I looked at Andrew while we were driving home and I said, "We finally have our little squirrel." You can imagine the reaction we got from our family. My mother-in-law just said, "That's a rodent." But to us, it's a cute little nickname for now. So, until it has a name, its a squirrel. And don't worry, I already have the vintage onesie with a squirrel on it to prove it...

And to be clear, it will have a name and it will not be a secret. I am already DYING to find out the sex- if only to start the buying frenzy that will be my life (let's be honest, here) for the next, oh i dont know... 21 years?!?! Hahaha. JK... (not really). We find out the sex on July 5th.. and the days couldn't be going SLOWER. I swear, everyone else's pregnancies seem to fly by (at least on facebook) and ours is a SNAILS pace this point. But, patience has never been a virtue of mine and its definitely not improving at this moment.

So last week we finally got GREAT pictures of Baby Ross during the big 12 week appointment. Lots of tests and pokes, but all is worth it. But, we do have a trickster on our hands. For the first five or so minutes of the appointment, little squirrel thought it was HILARIOUS to give me a heart attack by not moving when prodded. He/she wouldn't budge. I finally looked at the nurse in a complete panic and said, "let's hear that heartbeat!" Heartbeat was perfect, but still not budging. Right after I turned to my left for the second time, little squirrel kicked and punched up SO hard, we got the great picture (seen below). It was the cutest and best thing I think I've ever seen. I could have laid there forever watching him/her move around. Ahhhh...bliss..

So without further ado, please meet Baby Ross!
Here is the best picture we've gotten yet... and look at those legs! Haha. Made me smile.

Two options here: we either have a cute little wave or a thumb-sucker on our hands. Either way, I know we'll all agree its the cutest baby EVER MADE.

Peace, E