Sunday, November 27, 2011

And the time stands still....

So while this may be one of my last posts as a preggo lady, I realize that, ironically, life has been so busy lately I have forgotten to post anything! This is ironic because life is about to get MUCH busier in a very, very good way. We are officially ready for our little bundle of Ross and eagerly awaiting any sign of labor. On a positive note, everyone now picks up my phone calls on the first ring thinking I will tell them to head to the hospital. I thought several times that playing a joke and acting like my water broke would be hilarious... but Andrew thinks that it's probably only going to be funny to me.

Anyway, it has been a good few weeks, but I have definitely reached the 'uncomfortable' phase of pregnancy. I'm just blessed that it didn't find me until now. I am, and have been, so unbelievably thankful for the pregnancy that we have had. Andrew told me long ago that he hoped we got the hard part out of the way with the conception, and hopefully.... he was right. Of course, labor is a whole other ball game.

At our 39 week appointment I was told I was one cm dilated (which I know can mean NOTHING), but nonetheless, we were excited to be moving in the right direction. Since then, I'm hopeful that we have gained another 2-3 cm.. we will see on Tuesday morning. However, unfortunately, little miss Chloe has not moved her head from the 'sunny side-up' position. This basically means her face is pointing up towards my pelvic bone, instead of down towards my back. This apparently makes labor more painful and, as I was reminded by my doctor- this may not change because Chloe is already so low. Well... one week later, she has dropped further and feels like she's headed out soon.

I must admit, this raises my anxiety about labor a little, but not much. My dad assures me an epidural works just as well and thus, I find peace in the meds once again :) For now, I'm trying just about everything I can think of to help me with the intense back pain. Ughhh. Not wanting to be a chicken about this labor thing, but MAN it would be nice if feeling like this meant she was on her way. I can't even trust that's the case yet.

But at this point, we are 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Wahooo! I officially feel and look like a beluga whale. Pictures are no longer cute/fun/worth taking. Andrew wanted to document my belly at this point, but that picture will not be making an appearance on Facebook anytime soon. But, whale or not, I'm SO unbelievably excited to meet Chloe that I don't really care what I look like anymore. I started dreaming about her last night. I met her and she was beautiful, but she (strangely) was already talking and extremely sarcastic. I thought it was hilarious, but was nervous that she was going to get in trouble in the nursery. Haha. I told her to be respectful. Very odd, but made me wake up laughing.

Perhaps next post will be one showing pictures of our sweet little Chloe. I feel like I've been pregnant for at least 15 months, so maybe its actually an elephant, not a baby. Either way, I'm glad its almost over. I think I've decided that while being pregnant is a gift, being a mom is a bigger gift. Plus, you can have wine and deli meat as a mom, and that's just fabulous.

Come on, Chloe. WE ARE READY!!!!! Love, Mom


Monday, November 7, 2011

2 years of wedded bliss...

Andrew and I celebrated our two year anniversary this weekend (and the rest of today)! How lucky am I to be able to spend my life with such an amazing partner. And, I can honestly say we spent every minute enjoying each other and the last few weeks as a two-person family (even though we always say we're about to be a family of five, because dogs count as people in this household.)

We are truly blessed and spent the weekend celebrating just how lucky we are.

So, in order to do so, we went back to the place the magic happened two years ago (Westin La Cantera Resort). For those of you that spent that weekend celebrating with us, I'm hoping you remember that as a great weekend. We had the time of our lives. literally- one of the best nights/weekends of my life. just perfect.

So, we arrived to the resort yesterday and I drove the golf cart while Andrew played a round of golf. the course was gorgeous and it ended up being such a beautiful, peaceful afternoon. not only was i in charge of driving and scorekeeping (although he wished i didnt...), I also was the photographer for the day. here are a few from the afternoon...

before we left :)

definitely hot. definitely ready for the pro tour.

me trying to be artistic. instead, capturing trees that now look purple.

definitely artistic. we wanted to capture our anniversary date... 11/7. yes, thank you, we ARE creative. pay no mind to the bulging belly in the first number 1.

just a cool scene..

then later that night, we spent the evening at Francesca's- the fancy restaurant in the hotel. im always worried at restaurants that nice b/c i'm clearly NOT that nice. but, we had a blast and i even ate quail. poor, little cute bird. i made andrew eat the areas closest to the baby wing bones. that's just not right. but, it WAS delicious.

i love us.

just wanted everyone to see a large marge party barge OUT of water. mental note: this dress makes me look REALLY FAT. dont put it on again.

we exchanged fun little gifts and had a wonderful night. we brought our 'box' to the hotel and read through old cards, gifts, and the notes we wrote to each other on the morning of our wedding day. andrew and i both felt we could have written those today. they are just awesome to read, two years later. our love has grown tremendously since that day, but it remains unfaltered and completely unconditional. we are anxious and excited to watch and feel it grow with the birth of our sweet chloe.

i think that things that have made us so very happy these last few years are the same things that attracted us to each other four years ago.
1. fierce loyalty
2. a constant desire to communicate better
3. amazing passion
4. honesty...always.
5. a LOT of laughing (we think we're hilarious).

plus, have i mentioned that he's hot?