Monday, January 25, 2010

andrew's birthday and a year's worth of thought.

andrew and i celebrating his 26th birthday!

andrew and i celebrating his 27th birthday!

so as we celebrate andrew's 27th (which was an absolute blast, by the way) i find myself obviously beginning to think about all the possibilities for this upcoming year. his birthday has done that for me these past few years and each one has been nothing but bliss. i can remember last year celebrating in lubbock with all of our lubbockites and thinking- how in the world could our lives get any better? i was looking forward to patrick and andrea's wedding, moving home, and finally OUR amazing wedding- but those things seemed OH SO far from that january 24th day. so many things have occurred since then that i can only feel blessed and grateful for. i always fail to thank God enough for the joy in my life and it just so happens that andrew's birthday reminds me of that.

the things that have come and gone since last jan. 24th...
1. andrew has gone from 26 to 27. (okay, thought i'd start with an obvious) should i add that i'm freaking old now, too?
2. we've both shed some pounds and maintained a healthier lifestyle that makes us happier with our bodies.
3. we're married.
4. patrick and andrea are married.
5. we now live in san antonio (thank you, lord). now make the humidity disappear...
6. i passed quals.
7. i proposed my dissertation.
8. we both have jobs we like- ahem, that andrew likes. mine will do the trick.
9. we battled our first financial decision like pros, deciding not to buy a car yet.
10. i have been more authentically me this year as a result of having to be a long-distance friend to the majority of my friends. this is hard, but a reality of the times. this means realizing that i have to make new friends in a new city and that scares me a lot. being honest with this has been hard and very outside my bubble.
11. we are loving our lives and every moment of being husband and wife.

11 big ones. obviously the eleventh isnt that new- its an obvious. but its still fun and sometimes can be taken for granted by people after big change. the therapist in me would like to point acknowledge that its important to appreciate good, real love. so i did.

this next year will most definitely add 10 more big changes/ surprises, and im hoping they are all good. i think the reality of life is preparing for the surprises as best you can so that sometimes the bad ones are only minor due to emotional preparation- at least that's what we're shooting for. for now, life is exciting, new and happy. and happy is always good.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just beginning

So while this is new to me and we'll see how often it gets updated, I figured I should give it a try. We are doing some exciting things (at least we think so) and this should be a good way for our families to easily keep their noses in our bidnizz. And let's be honest- there are several facebook people whom I am barely friends with that will read it too, because I'm one of those people....... I said let's be honest. But for now, I have to run to dinner with my plus one. But get ready because when I get back not only is this little blog getting a makeover, I'm going to write things that will blow your mind. Our life is amazing. Well it is, but I will keep the blog appropriate and will not blow your mind within the first few blogs...most likely. Peace.