Monday, September 10, 2012

Okay, I admit it...

 I'm not the *best* at maintaining a blog. In fact, I think I suck. I get on and read other family blogs and think, "man, they have fabulous things to say AND they have the time to say it." I actually have neither. But, here I am, trying to start a blog post knowing full well that as soon as I do, Chloe will wake up from her nap. So, here is the update on our crazy, amazing life.

Chloe turned 9 months old on Saturday. Wow. I have a 9 month old. And soon, I will have a one year old. It truly doesn't seem possible. But, this year has flown by at warp speed because it has been so wonderful. Isn't that always the case? But, either way, we have many blessings to be thankful for so far. And MANY more to come before the year is even over!

Because it has been so long since the last post, I thought I would update everyone (all two of you), on what Chloe has been up to these days. She is crawling, pulling up and moving ALL over the place. You literally cannot leave her alone for five seconds without her disappearing and/or getting into something that I should have put away long ago.

She has already survived her first 'mommy is an idiot' moment when she cut her finger on my beer can. That's right, folks. You read it correctly. But don't worry, I nominated myself for mother of the year , already. It was a minor cut on her finger and major blow to my ego. I felt like a horrible mother and my dad helped out by whispering in my ear, "you know you're a redneck when..." But, she survived.

She is not currently able to walk, but doesn't exactly know that. As a result, things get a bit nerve-wracking around here.We no longer have a coffee table, the bottom shelves of all furniture are cleared and there is no longer a need for 'accessories.' Why? Because no one will notice anything except for the primary colored toys thrown throughout the house. I was once a member of the 'no toys outside the playroom' club (pre-motherhood). now, the fastest way to get her occupied while i do anything is the name of the game. in fact, toys in every room is ideal. don't worry, i still pretend we aren't a toy store when people come over.. but its allll a lie.

But anyway, she's moving and shaking and we couldn't be more excited. I'm not sure if she'll be walking before her first birthday, but signs are pointing to YES!

The craziness doesn't stop there. I'm still juggling a career (albeit, part-time at this point) and I'm now teaching a class at St.Mary's this Fall. I'm really excited to be back in the classroom teaching and St.Mary's gave me a great opportunity to teach Masters and Doctoral level students. Teaching students who actually care... who woulda thunk it. It is refreshing to have these students because they are eager to learn and I think most will be great therapists. Therefore, it becomes exciting to contribute to their education. I'm not sure if I'll continue to teach because it takes me away from family time in the evening, but for now, its a fun thing to be involved in. And don't you worry your pretty little heads, there is plenty of time for Pinterest. Because, honestly, I know my priorities.

Example #1:

My private practice is going well. I'm as busy as I would like to be right now, which is a good thing. When Chloe heads to school (and if I decide I won't be going with her everyday...haha, I kid. Sort of. But, I've got some time to work on boundaries), I will pick up speed with my practice. For now, I'm trying to push my client load into three days a week so that I can be home with Chloe two days. It's really nice, but I must admit, I'm WAY less tired on the days I work outside of the home. I think a lot of parents can relate, especially when you have super active children. But, Chloe days will always be my favorite.

In the meantime, Andrew, my dad and brother-in-law are riding in the MS150 in a few short weeks. *YIKES*. Although, I haven't been training. And by 'haven't been' I mean, REALLY haven't gotten on a bike. I'll be fine (so says my dad). I have run into some serious problems with finding time to ride hours at a time. The problem at hand is Chloe. I'm still breast-feeding and would need to ride early in the day, so as to beat the heat. Because she's usually asleep and not many people want to show up on Saturday morning at 7a.m. to babysit, it's usually Andrew that gets to ride. It's not a problem now, but my calves may call 'mercy' at about mile 50. We shall see. I'm super excited though. On top of that, I'm still trying to prepare for the Rock 'n Roll half marathon in November. I'm not really training hard for that either yet... 4 miles is about it..................Oh, never you mind.

On a more positive note, however, Andrew is still amazing. He is the best father to Chloe and I cannot imagine going through this journey without him. Her face lights up when she sees him (almost as much as mine). He's working hard and enjoying what he does. I actually feel sorry for him because he doesn't have Chloe days like me. I'm very, very, very lucky and I know it. For example, tonight as I finished up this blog he came into the room, threw a godiva dark chocolate square at me and said, "Congratulations on being awesome" and promptly left. Just me and my chocolate. He knows the way to my heart. Hottie Husband rocks.

And we are busy bettering our home by FINALLY getting grass in the backyard. I've decided I'm tired of the ugliness and so Patrick ( is helping us out tremendously by having his guys spend some time at our house putting in new grass. We thought.. what a better time to put in grass than in the middle of a Texas summer drought? Am I right?!? Haha, nevertheless, its looking great. Here are some pictures of the day they started putting it in. I need to go back and take some 'after' pics. It's looking nic e.

So, here's the recap. We are great and we have great grass. But, this year and all things coming are great, too!

We are looking foward to the upcoming arrival of Chloe's cousin, Luke (Patrick and Andrea's son) who is due November 20th. We are hoping for a turkey baby because Thanksgiving in the hospital would be a fun little adventure. Plus, I bet they have good pumpkin pie. It just seems like something a hospital could do right. Jello and pumpkin pie. We'll see. We are also looking foward to my sister-in-law, Amanda, and her fiance Joe's wedding, November 3rd. Lots of fun showers and parties surrounding both events to finish up the year. And then next year, February 2nd, is the fabulous wedding of Taylor & Alisha. I am so eager to see what beautiful concoctions they come up with for their big day. They are both so incredibly talented and creative. I adore all six of my siblings. We are so pumped!

Lastly, I'll leave you with a few Chloe facts and some of her latest pictures. We need to get some family pictures done, but I'll figure that later. Maybe before she leaves for college...fingers crossed.

Chloe at 9 months:
-1 bottom tooth and 1 on the way
-loves bathtime (only because water faucets are her new best friend)
-favorite chew toy: anything by david yurman. (not kidding)
-favorite foods: anything mixed together that sounds disgusting (i.e. turkey, mango, spinach & pears)
-rolls her R's when she's angry (like she's speaking Spanish)
-is no longer sleeping through the night (thanks, tooth)
-only likes to read books if she can eat them while you read.
-loves people. anyone. everyone. she will go to anyone (thank heavens).
-flaps her hands when she's happy. maybe she's a bird- i haven't checked.
-loves drinking water out of straws
-is wearing 12-18 month clothing. lord help us.
-says mama when she's angry and doesnt know it
-loves playing airplane with her daddy
-is the cutest baby ever (oh, did i write that?)

So now that she's 'pseudo walking' we have to put up walls. This was Uncle P's solution. 
*which did not work whatsoever* 

this is now standard: she must hold the sippy cup on its side, while eating anything. obviously, she is a bit strange, she is, afterall... my child. 

she who stands, can do anything. including, mess with a 8 foot painting 
which is now going to need a new home in the house. 

       contrary to popular belief, no animal was harmed in the baby kissing act. just cuteness.

                                                      love my girl. and her fly away bow.

playing airplane with daddy. yes, we know this airplane is currently upside down. you have to be ready for anything at our house.

Here I am reminding Chloe that she can still attend Southwestern AND be a Longhorn. That's completely acceptable and recommended. 
However, tuition has at least doubled, and thus, 
she will  need to either be a genius or play women's golf. 

Hook 'Em Horns! Chloe's first UT game. 

Always amazed by everything. I hope this never changes... 

My favorite moment...

Talking. Constantly talking. She must get that from her father's side. 

And now, i'd like to take a brief moment and show you a few pics from the monica/chloe/bow photo shoot. Auntie Mon wants Chloe to wear a bow for a cute picture. Chloe had a different idea....

                                                    Results: Auntie Monica- 0, Chloe- 1

We took a quick trip to Austin to hang out with Andrew while he attended a conference. It was an absolutely perfect day filled with lots of time with amazing friends. 

peace, erin

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sassy Senorita

So Mexico has always been a place of relaxation, family time and the beloved "Chunky Monkey" at happy hour... which absolutely DOES make you a 'chunky monkey' after a week of indulgence. Therefore, I am always looking forward to June when my entire family packs up and head down South for a little R & R, Mexican style. I love everything about the culture, the people, the's a beautiful, beautiful county. Poverty-stricken, but beautiful. It's not scary, the people are genuinely good and it makes me sad when our media makes Americans fear traveling here. Do you have to pay attention, yes. Would I venture down to our border anytime soon, not a chance. But, the Yucatan is perfect, as always. 

So, this June was no different. Andrew and I were thrilled to be finally getting away and taking some time to focus on our little family. No work, no phones... fabulous. However, we had a bit more 'baggage' this year, if you will. She's six months, had never flown and is as pale as can be (sorry, baby girl.. that's our fault). All of these things equate to a very different vacation this year for us. It was WONDERFUL, but very different. Thank goodness for my fabulous family.. they helped us out so very much and my mom even babysat for us one afternoon when we went into town. Awesome. But, between early mornings, nap times twice a day and a complete phobia of Chloe getting a tan, our routine looked out of whack. But don't worry, there were (several) Chunk Monkey beverages that snuck their way upstairs to me :) 

Because writing about ten days of gloriousness would take too long, and let's be honest, Taylor uploaded pictures while we were there like it was going out of style.. I'll run through the highlights and add a few more pics from my camera (errr, iphone). 

-Brooklyn joined us for a few days and it was so much fun being together in this place... many happy memories :) 
-Chloe is now up on all fours and swinging her body forward and backward (crawling is right around the corner..yikes, little earlier than mommy was planning, C-bomb!) 
-Chloe LOVED the ocean, the sand and the pool (until she realized she had sunglasses on and looked a bit dorky). 
-I lost my wedding band (on the taxi and yes, i'm an idiot). 
-Chloe started saying Da-Da-Da-Da. She doesn't know what that means, but she says it nonstop. We are impressed and believe it proves our child is a genius. 
-I had my first pre-baby margarita and it was FAB-UL-OUS. 
-I met and had a lovely affair with Mr. Christian Grey.... errr, I mean....I read all three books of the 50 Shades series while Chloe napped and I LOVED IT. not for the sex, but for the passion in that relationship. Lord have mercy... read it. And the sex is not so bad, either ;) 
- Chloe was an angel each night at dinner (even sitting outside several nights with no A/C. Afterall, she's a beach-loving rock star). 

I'll let the pictures talk about the rest... 

Chloe's first plane ticket. We are so proud and excited to see her little name on there the tune of $500 :( 

During the first plane ride... she slept, played on her Boppy and fell deeply in love with the plastic cups. Thank you, Lord, for the plastic cups on this flight. Love, Erin 

Pictures with the happy flyer (who received a set of wings for her good behavior). 

Right before we landed, she fell asleep. I was worried this would hurt her ears, but it did not. Hopefully she aspires to be a pilot and will fly her loving parents to Fiji one day. Also, Italy. Thanks. 

Viva Mexico! We have arrived, changed and are all smiles. Check out the luggage behind her. Yeah, besides the golf clubs, those are Chloe's bags. I told her if you bring it, you pull it. 
But, she ignored me. 

First night out in Cancun and Brooklyn already found a man.. so typical. 
My dad made them do 'hook 'em horns.' Yes, it was awkward. 

Good morning, senorita! First morning at the beach and already excited to be there! This was the morning she began pushing up on all fours. I would have a picture of it, but I'm a terrible mother.

 Before heading out to the beach for 3 minutes. 

 Spending some Q-time with Aunt Brooklyn! 

These pictures document what happens when the Murphy family goes out. 
Alisha? Enjoy some beverages? Taylor? Mom?
 Awesomely fun night. 

On her way to the pool! 

Beach for the first time. 
It was such a special moment for us. Unfortunately, I didn't dress for the occasion. In fact, now that I'm looking at it, the way I'm standing also makes it look like I'm preggo again. Awesome. I'm not. 

 One good thing about having a baby in Cancun? You are up early enough to see the sun come up on the ocean. Beautiful, spectacular sight. However, I'm not gonna lie... I prefer to wake up after its already up.

 Happy Father's Day to my perfect Andrew. This is the only picture I got of you and Chloe. 
Sorry! Love you! (Taylor has the good ones. )

20 pound beach bum. 

She likes to sleep holding her ear nowadays. I think its cute. 
This is how she slept throughout an entire dinner.. including Mariachis. 

So when you have a day to yourselves, you feel good. Until you lose your wedding band and have no one to take your pictures except yourselves. However, it was fabulous. And... if you put the pictures together really close, we could have looked like we were together. 
Owell...Ice cold beer, guacamole and the beach with a hottie. I was one happy lady. 

Every morning started with a little time on the bed. Rolling around, talking and a little stuffed apple in the face. 
Life is so good. 

So, Chloe never really wears shoes because I wouldn't if I didn't have to either. But, I bought her a pair of jellies for the beach because that's what you wear if you're cool. I had to buy the smallest ones because Chloe has the smallest, mutant feet I've even seen. Problem? 0-3 months are still too long, but her angles are too fat to snap the strap. We all had a good laugh and of course, I had to document. 

Also, Chloe discovered that eating the corner of any table is way better than food. I would personally disagree and I'd say it would have to depend on what was being served. 

So one day we went to eat at this resort next door to ours called Maykoba. WOW. Look it up if you have the chance. The boys were playing golf there in the afternoon, so we went for a early lunch and were blown away. It was breathtaking. 

Waiting for the food with mom. 

Eating a wallet with dad. Yum. 

 Such a peaceful beauty. 

 This is easily one of my favorite pictures of her now. 

Oh, creepy Aunt Alisha. 

On our way to the airport the morning we left. She was pooped. Happy and pooped. 

Peace, Erin