Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Dissertating Time

Okay, so maybe my introduction to blogging didn't work properly the first time because I wasn't dedicated. But now, I am...several reasons. First, I am traveling up to Lubbock tomorrow to defend my dissertation on Friday afternoon. It's bizarre, actually. People expect me to be really excited, but for now, I'm only nervous. With lots of change just around the corner. Things that I have been waiting/ wanting to do for the last 29 years.

Second, I've been way too involved in things that aren't that important. Including, but not limited to, work, being gone every weekend for something or other, and being lazy when not writing. Every single spare moment I've had has been used up sitting on the couch, eating something I didn't need, or spending money. All of those are great, don't get me wrong, but they were fillers. My affair with my dissertation is about to end and alas, I can breathe again! Haha. But seriously, here is my (short) list of things I cannot wait to do...

To be held accountable, here they are:
1. learn spanish
2. get in shape (AGAIN and hopefully for good)
3. learn to cook (like, really really cook)
4. write a book
5. travel with Andrew

Okay, that should take me a few months. ;) But in all honestly, I'm really ready to be focused on balance for the next year. From now until the end of 2011, I want to find my sense of balance. Until now, school has held such a phenomenally strong role in how I define myself and what I choose to spend time on, that this should be good for me. And blogging, really, should be on that list. Hopefully within the next year, this blog will become more important (and interesting!)